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Today - Information Technology is at the core of every organization's foundation, no matter their size or mission. Is that foundation solid, capable of sustaining and supporting your goals and aspirations? Or is it unstable and unpredictable, undermining your productivity and plans? Properly designed and well supported systems can be a powerful business enabler and force-multiplier. Managed poorly these same systems can be a titanic anchor - creating drag, halting forward progress or maybe even pulling you towards the bottom of the business abyss.

At Aligned Technology Solutions, we help you make the right technology choices and optimize the user experience by providing world-class customer service. Want to know what it's like to have technology work for you instead of the other way around? Contact us today for a FREE ONSITE consultation.

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Cloud Hosting & Computing

Cloud Computing Solutions - Alexandria, Arlington, Tyson's CornerWith the help of Aligned Technology's cloud computing solutions, your business will save both time and money. Our professionals provide innovative technology services to help you make the most of your IT investment.

Management & Support

IT Management - Alexandria, Arlington, Tyson's CornerThis is where we shine the brightest. Excellent Customer Service is simply in our DNA, we know no other way. We like to call the experience "Hassle-Free IT". Comprehensive fully-managed and co-managed service plans for organizations of every size, scope and budget.


IT Consulting - Alexandria, Arlington, Tyson's CornerSimplify your business processes, deploy new solutions, increase efficiency and get ahead of the competition. Our team of experts can provide you with the strategy and support you need to climb the ladder to higher success.

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Without question, Aligned Technology Solutions is absolutely the best technology outsourcing solution available. Our technology infrastructure was severely lacking and the Aligned Technology Solutions team truly came to our rescue and provided uniquely designed comprehensive services that included deciphering an antiquated and protected system, reviewing contracts and licenses, evaluating our technology needs from help desk to high level strategy, streamlining business processes, transitioning us to many new platforms and cloud computing, making sound and affordable recommendations suitable for our size, and providing regular on-site assistance and strategy consultation both in the office and at our events, just to name a few

Executive Director,
Non-Profit Association

Aligned Technology Solutions was instrumental in helping us assess, implement, and learn to use Google Applications collaboration tools to support our education service employees who are spread out across DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia. Aligned Technology Solutions provided us a turn-key solution that was fast and easy to implement with their expert support. In one seamless package, Google Applications provides us email, shared calendars, and access controlled shared documents with several features that are superior to our prior experience with Outlook.

Chief Academic Officer,
Education Organization

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