Cloud Email – Office365 or Google Apps for Work

Which is better for Cloud email, Office365 or Google Apps for Work? This is a question we are asked frequently by clients, prospects, friends and family.

Our short answer is usually always the same: Either and Depends.

We view technology through the lens of your business, so to us the right solution for you will be very specific to your organization’s needs, requirements and culture.

No fuss shortcuts for Office 365

When we use office suites like Microsoft Office 365, we tend to spend a large amount of our time using the mouse to switch between tasks and features. In the interest of making you more productive and it easier to move around the program, Microsoft has introduced a number of keyboard shortcuts, no mouse required.

Office 365 your Lync to online meetings

As we become more technologically advanced, the need for physical interaction is diminishing. More often than not, today’s young managers prefer to meet using technology. Microsoft has caught onto this and has integrated some innovative online meeting tools into their small business software, Office 365.

If you use Office 365 in your company, you can have online meetings through Microsoft’s messaging tool, Lync.

Business Cards and Office 365?

Businesses have been using Microsoft Office for years and many users, if polled, would count themselves as experts. Users in their numbers have already adopted Microsoft’s cloud offering, Office 365, as their main office productivity suite. The same features from previous versions are included, not forgetting the option to include electronic business cards in your emails.