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Robust Hosted Infrastructure at Affordable Prices

solutionsindustry_13You depend on your website, e-commerce platform and other customer facing systems to drive your business. Mission critical internal systems such as email, collaboration & file sharing solutions, financial systems, databases and CRM solutions are equally important. Virtual Hosted Desktops may provide your staff secure access to everything they need. Your software developers may need to rapid provisioning of new servers for development, testing, quality assurance and more, with the ability to rapidly shut down the expense when they are finished.

Downtime costs you money. Convenience is everything. Your clients and staff want to access these systems 7 x 24 x 365.

That means you need a high performance and resilient infrastructure to make sure systems are online, all the time. Can you build your own internal datacenter equipped with redundant power, multiple large internet connections, backup generators, HVAC systems, powerful CPU's, virtualization and more? The better question is should you build it if you could? In almost every setting imaginable the answer today is a resounding "no".

ATS can provide all the hosted infrastructure and systems you need to be successful. All located in world-class data centers with the highest service levels and security.

Some of the hosted platforms we can provide include

  • Dedicated and "Virtual Private" Servers (VPS) - Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Website & E-commerce Hosting – ensuring your customer facing systems are online and proactively monitored
  • Application & Database Hosting – customized support for your unique business needs
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange – scalable and reliable email access
  • Line of Business Apps – Accounting, CRM and other internal management systems
  • Hosted Telephony – Office Phone systems, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and other Call Center Soltuions

We are experts in hosted applications and cloud based solutions. We can help your organization reduce capital expenditures on costly servers and infrastructure, all while raising service levels and uptime. It's a Win-Win.

Your Success is Our Success