It's Simple, Straightforward, Common-Sense

When you spend more time tackling your IT problems than you do running your business, you know that things need to change. Properly managed and supported IT Systems should be unobtrusive. They should blend in seamlessly with your organization, speed up workflows, enhance operations and customer services and allow you to focus on growing your company.

A recent You Gov survey found that some 42% of SME owners felt that “technology not working” was their number one anxiety.

Aligned Technology Solutions can lessen your worries and bring you peace of mind. Let us take care of your IT systems, provide excellent care to your users and find new solutions to old problems. We’ll take care of your technology and infrastructure, allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best - grow your business.

We call it "Hassle Free IT"

Benefits to choosing Aligned Technology Solutions as your IT partner:

  • We make doing business easy, every step of the way – From helping find the plan that's right for you, to onboarding, to each customer service interaction and strategic account review. We strip out the complexity and keep things simple and straightforward.
  • We speak your language – We won't bombard you or your users with "techno-babble". We explain recommendations, services and solutions in terms everyone can understand. Of course when and where appropriate, we can tech-talk with the best of them.
  • Comprehensive Plans – No finger pointing here. We can provide both broad and deep coverage. From Strategic Advice to Help Desk service and everything in between. It's like an IT Department in a box.
  • A unique approach that assures ALIGNment with your business goals and objectives – We see technology through the lens of your business and demonstrable purpose. Other providers want to "sell you stuff", we want to solve challenges and empower businesses to reach their maximum potential.
  • We understand the definition of the word "partner", and we don't use it lightly – The word is easily and often said. Unfortunately today it's meaning is rarely honored. We are all about people, long term relationships and partnerships. Everyone thrives, everyone succeeds, everyone wins - why would you want it any other way?

Your Success is Our Success